Service Locating in the
Mid North and
Northern SA

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All Assets 2 Locate are a locally owned utility location company servicing the Mid North, Yorke Peninsula Eyre Peninsular and southern NT. We provide quick, easy, and reliable standard locating and GPR services for identifying underground cables and pipes, and hydrovac potholing to find untraceable assets.

We are Dial Before You Dig certified locators and hold all the necessary licenses to complete locating and hydrovac potholing.


Building a fence, shed or completing any other digging works? Electricity, water, phone and gas services are provided by underground assets in your yard, which could be potentially where you want to dig. We can come out and accurately mark these assets, so you can avoid the risks associated with damaging one.


Completing small or large scale building or excavations? Our locators can identify, locate and pothole any potential assets to ensure there is no chance of worker injury, expensive fees or project delays.


Whether you are completing large excavational works, building or just digging a few holes, checking for underground assets is an important step to ensure your project runs smoothly. Underground assets are present in most areas and getting them located will prevent damaging these assets, which can lead to expensive damage fees and potential injury.


We use the following techniques to locate underground assets.

Cable Locating

Standard locating detects power, telephone cables and any other metal asset using an electromagnetic frequency.

Pipe Locating

Pipe locators use a sensitive microphone to listen for the water flowing in the pipe.

Ground Penetrating Radar

GPR or ground penetrating radar are used to detect assets like PVC pipes and fibre optic cables by emitting electromagnetic pulses.


As well as non-invasive locating, we also offer non-destructive hydrovac potholing for positive asset identification or excavations within close proximity of assets.

Hydrovac trenchers use high pressure water and a vacuum to remove the earth without damaging the asset. This means it can be used as a method of trenching if your post is within close proximity of assets. Give us a call to get a quote any projects that may require non-destructive digging.


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